As one of the most popular brands of coffee makers, Keurig brewers could be found in many kitchens around the country. That’s when facing a broken machine or feeling the necessity to replace a part, it’s required to find the right place to buy the replacement parts for your Keurig machine.

Here we discuss different online retailers which you could check out to purchase your Keurig machine parts and start repairing your machine.

To make the matter even simpler, we divided the parts into 5 major categories which are searched more by consumers:

  • Water filters
  • Water reservoirs
  • Carafes
  • Needles
  • Coffee filters

There are definitely more parts used and replaceable in Keurig machines which could be found by searching the net.

Now, let’s check out these extra Keurig parts categories:

Water filter

There are a variety of Keurig water filters available on the market. The ones produced by K&J are among the best-selling replacement parts on online retailers such as Amazon with very positive feedback from customers.

These universal water filters are compatible with almost any Keurig brewer, except for those saying “Cuisinart” on them.

The= compatible machines include: Keurig K Series, B series, Platinum, Ultimate, Special Edition, Ultra, Classic, Elite, Single Cup machines, Keurig 2.0 and 1.0 machines.

You could follow the instructions which are available on the packaging to replace your filter cartridges.

Order a 12-pack filter for your Keurig coffee maker at Amazon through

According to the manufacturer, they’ve used clean coconut husks to make pure charcoal and then used that charcoal to make these filters.

This charcoal helps remove off-tastes, strange odors, chlorine, rust, lime and calcium from the water.

Another layer of this filter is micro-mesh layer which efficiently filters fine impurities and sediment.

Water reservoir

Here there is no universal water reservoir which would fit all Keurig machines and most times you have to search for the exact model of your brewer to find the most suitable one.

But don’t lose your hope yet. That’s because there are many close models which work with the same size of a ware reservoir.

For instance, when you purchase this 48oz replacement ware reservoir from you could be sure that it works with your Keurig brewer if it’s one of these brewing systems: Keurig K45, K40, B50, B45, B44, B41, and B40.

To ensure compatibility, you could check out the model number underneath your brewer before you order a ware reservoir – or another replacement part for that matter.

For other coffee makers including Keurig Signature & Special Edition Brewing Systems, K66, K65, K60, B66, B65, B60, B55, and Keurig B50 you could try this one:


For Keurig carafe, the options are lowered compared to the above parts. In order to replace it, you have to search for the carafe which would match the exact model of your Keurig coffee brewer.

For instance, consider the one at Keurig official website.

This model is appropriate for K-Duo Essential (which is listed for sale on Walmart & Amazon).

If you have other models of brewing machines from this brand, you could search the website for replacement carafe products matching your system.


Usually, owners who can’t or don’t have enough time or expertise to clean their machine’s needle are looking for places which provide spare needles for their machines.

And sometimes a broke needle could be the reason behind a urge to purchase a new one.

The part is available on many retailers. But usually, needle isn’t sold separately but as a whole part together with the holder.

The portion pack is placed in the brewer’s holder. Coffee blends are contained in these packs.

For example, take a look at this replacement holder with exit needle accessible at

This part fit with plenty of Keurig coffee makers including Keurig Classic, B79, B77, B75, B70, B65, B60, B55, B50, B45, B40, B10, K79, K77, K75, K70, K65, K60, K55, K50, K45, K40, K15, and K10.

Please remember that Keurig 2.0 machines aren’t compatible with this replacement holder & needle.

Coffee filter

When you search for the exact model of your machine along with the keywords ‘coffee filters’ you might encounter numerous results from different websites.

The one we chose here, is a replacement coffee filter from Walmart.

This reusable filter part is compatible with Keurig My K-Cup B70, B60, B50, B40, and B30 series.

Please note that this item is a set containing 3 pieces of holder, lid and mesh filter basket.

You could also find lots of items for Keurig reusable coffee filters when you search this query on Amazon eBay or Target websites.

Obviously, you could find this item on the official website of the manufacturer, Keurig, as well.