Many people are looking for a way to organize their single serve coffee pods for their Keurig brewing machines. A nice solution would be using K-Cup holders or storage units usable for storing coffee or espresso pods or other utensils.

What is a coffee pod holder?

These are usually average-sized storage units used to store and keep coffee pods in one place. Because many owners of single serve coffee machines – such as Keurig brewers – have lots of coffee pods in different flavors and tastes, these useful holders could help a lot in organizing those pods.

Some of these pod holders are very similar to normal cup holders/dispensers – and might potentially replace one if needed.

K-Cup pod holders could come in different shapes and design. These include:

  • Drawers
  • Carousels
  • Wall mount
  • Creative designs
  • Etc.

Please note that many of the storage units for Keurig K-Cups could also be used to store coffee pods or capsules usable for single serve coffee machines from other brands as well – such as Nespresso, Tassimo, etc.

Also, check out which Keurig version (Keurig 1.0 or 2.0) K-Cups are the ones you want to organize in your holder before ordering one, so that the item you’re going to buy is properly capable to store your intended Keurig pods.

And while many of these pod holders could cost around $50, you could find some gems in the market with price tags relatively lower – say, $15 or even less – but with high quality and much functionality.

So, in order to decide better when shopping for these coffee pod organizers, pay close attention to the dimensions of the item since a unit too large or too small to fit in your kitchen wouldn’t be of great help to you, and thus preventing you from having a perfect coffee making experience.

No matter you would like to organize your coffee pods in a huge basket as you like or you want some storage unit which strictly dedicates separate spaces for K-Cup pods, we have something for you here.

Also, many of these K-Cup holders come with other useful functionalities as well since they could be used to keep other coffee accessories such as coffee creamers, coffee mugs/cups, etc. too.

Here is our selection for top K-Cup coffee pod holders:


These coffee pod drawers could often serve as an under the brewer storage units occupying about the same countertop space as the coffee machine itself.

NIFTY Solutions 90 K-Cup Capacity 5-tier Coffee Pod Storage Drawer

If you want an easy and quick access to lots of K-Cup pods at one place then this coffee pod holder from Nifty is the right choice.

Especially for those needing an organizer for their office and want to save space, this coffee accessory could help a lot.

It could provide you access to a wide range of coffee flavors all at the same place near your Keurig brewing system.

Moreover, you could keep other necessary accessories such as creamers, mugs or cups on the drawer’s top since there is enough space.

Other specs include:

  • Dimensions: 12.8″ (depth) x 7″ (width) x 13.2″ (height)
  • Capacity: 90 K-Cup pods
  • Storage space on top

To get this K-Cup organizer for less than $40 check out at Amazon.

Other similar items with 2-tier, 3-tier or 4-tier drawer options could be found as well. Just search and you’ll find them.

DecoBros K-Cup Storage Drawer Holder

For those who don’t need more than one tier of drawer (like the above item) we recommend this K-Cup drawer which could hold up to 36 pods.

It could easily match your counter top while serving its job under the brewer.

So, you could be sure that it needs just a little more space than the current one occupied by your Keurig machine in your kitchen.

Here are other features of this storage unit:

  • Dimensions: 13.25” (length) x 12.5” (width) x 3.12” (height)
  • Capacity: 36 K-Cup pods
  • Space saving design

It costs about $20 to buy this useful pod holder for your Keurig K-Cups from Amazon:

Mind Reader Anchor Coffee Pod Drawer

As a pod organizer which allows you to save some counter space, this coffee pod holder by Mind Reader features a neat design with 3 separate drawers.

As you have figured it out by now, this K-Cup storage unit is very similar to the item reviewed before. The only major difference is the triple drawer design of this one.

In addition, when having this pod holder no need to worry about its moving around since it has rubber grips underneath.

Specs of this product pod holder include:

  • Dimensions: 13.5” x 12.85” x 3.15”
  • Capacity: 36 pods (12 pods in each drawer)
  • Suitable to put under coffee makers

To purchase it just visit


This type of pod holders are especially great for those who think more about displaying their K-Cup pods – with all their colors and flavors – to their guests or clients.

Your kitchen could be complemented with a distinctive touch when you place one of these K-Cup carousels on your countertop, especially when it’s fully filled with colorful pods.

NIFTY K-Cup Carousel

For those loving to keep their beloved single serve K-Cup capsules in a carousel kind of organizer, we recommend getting this popular unit by Nifty.

Currently the top-selling product in its category at Amazon website, this carousel holder boasts 10K reviews, most of which from happy customers satisfied with this coffee accessory helping them organize their Keurig coffee pods.

This item also serves as a great gift for your loved one, especially those who love coffee like you. Just don’t forget to include the K-Cup pods with it to give it the perfect look when assembled by the person receiving your gift.

Other main specs could be found below:

  • Dimensions: 13” (height) x 7” (diameter)
  • Capacity: 35 K-Cup pods
  • Classy black powder-coat finish
  • 360 degrees rotating design

In terms of price, this one is much cheaper than the similar one sold by official Keurig website which provide almost the same capacity to hold K-cups.

Please note only K-Cup style pods are compatible with this carousel. That means other coffee pods such as Starbucks, Lavazza, Rivo, Nespresso Vertuline or Originaline pods can’t be used with this pod stand.

To order this K-Cup carousel from Amazon website just go to

Everie Coffee Pod Storage Carousel Holder

Another great carousel for organizing K-Cups, this pod holder looks so much like the previous item but with a little more capacity.

Up to 40 pods could be hold by this quietly and smoothly rotating carousel storage.

Please note that there is a knob on top which is easy to turn, making the carousel rotating.

The unit could easily fits your kitchen countertop with its dimensions of 8″ (diameter) x 12.4″ (height).

Get this carousel holder for your Keurig pods from Available colors are gray and black.

Java Concepts Steel Carousel Holder Organizer

Not needing a carousel to store around 30 or 40 pods for you? Or needing just a unit with shorter height to be more suitable for your kitchen countertop?

If your answer is yes, then why not try this pod carousel by Java Concepts which could keep 24 Keurig pods for your while featuring an all steel construction.

Main features include:

  • Dimensions: 6.88” (diameter) x 9.5” (height)
  • Capacity: 24 Keurig K-Cup pods
  • Durable black satin finish
  • Scratch-resistant base
  • Compact design

Visit to access the listing page of this holder on Amazon website.

Creative designs

These K-Cup pod storages some in different shapes and design depending on the creativity of their manufacturers. Huge coffee cups, holder tree, or wall mount stands are just a few examples of these designs.

Coffee Pod Holder and Organizer Mug

For fans of creative kitchen accessories, this coffee/espresso pod storage could be the perfect choice with its shape of a huge coffee mug.

This product is not easy to be deformed since they’ve used heavy duty sturdy steel to make it.

And because of the open design which could be filled by many things, it could be used to hold other items like utensils, plastic cups, fruit, tea, creamers and so on.

This coffee pod basket/storage unit could be bought at Amazon retailer through for around $25.

Boston Warehouse Coffee House Coffee & Espresso Pod Holder

This is another cute and functional K-Cup keeper which has lots of positive reviews and feedback from customers.

Some of the features include:

  • Dimensions: 7” x 5” x 9”
  • Capacity: 20 pods (approximately)
  • Hand washing recommended
  • Soft padded bottom
  • Metal with antique bronze finish

To buy this Coffee House just check out

Other interesting designs by the seller include white or galvanized coffee cups (huge ones to hold coffee pods) which could be viewed at the same page.

JackCubeDesign Wall Mount K-Cup Holder

If you’re a fan of wall mount designs or lack extra space on your countertop, this wall mount holder could be recommended.

Wall mount coffee pod holders bring the great advantage of saving you lots of space. So, no matter you install them on your kitchen’s wall or somewhere else, they could provide you with both useful functionality and decorative style.

This organizer stand is made with iron compartments and bamboo support.

And please note that you would need screws to mount this stand storage on your wall.

With 12.4” x 12.8” x 2.6” dimensions, this K-Cup hanger dispenser could hold up to 35 Keurig pods.

To order it, visit at Amazon.

Mug Rack with Coffee Pod Storage – Coffee Cup Tree

This coffee pod holder tree could be suitable for anyone wanting a stylish, practical and decorative item to keep their coffee accessories – like creamers, coffee cups and K-Cups – in one storage unit.

Coffee pods could be stored in the bottom basket, while your favorite coffee mugs could be hanged from the six hooks on top.

Buy this K-Cup holder tree from Amazon using which sells it for about $22.

Other online retailers such as Target and Walmart list pod holders as well. Also, as mentioned before, the official Keurig store at sells K-cup holders in the section for “Pod Storage” under “Accessories.”