VitaCup is a recently founded company producing vitamin-infused coffee blends. This idea could be interesting for many customers who love coffee, especially those paying attention to their body health as well. Here we review VitaCup coffees and discuss various aspects of these products.

What are VitaCup coffees?

VitaCup is a coffee brand which is active in producing different coffee blends especially those infused with superfood and vitamins.

This could be good news for those drinkers who want their delicious and tasty brews be more than a momentary excitement, and could be beneficial for their overall body health as well.

Some of the ingredients included in VitaCup coffee blends include: antioxidants, essential vitamins, fiber, garcinia cambogia, cinnamon, turmeric, MCT oil, methylfolate, biotin, collagen, Aloe Vera, and so on.

You could look up a specific coffee blend in online retailers – such as Walmart, Amazon, or Target – to see which nutrients and ingredients are infused in your choice.

Here, we chose one popular blend from many various items offered by VitaCup: VitaCup Probiotic Coffee.

You could find other blends such as Vanilla, Decaf, Slim and Genius blends as well.

VitaCup Probiotic Blend Coffee

According to some studies, 40% of the United States population lack B12 vitamin in their diets. You might know that when it comes to energy production in our body, this vitamin plays a main role.

So for people who lack some important vitamins – including B vitamins such as B12, B9, B6, B5 and B1 – these vitamin-infused coffee products are recommended.

Nutrition facts

At maximum for a daily usage, 4 cups of this coffee is recommended to be used.

According to the manufacturer, the following probiotics and vitamins are available per serving:

  • Pantothenic Acid: 10mg (daily value: 200%)
  • Vitamin B12: 240mcg (daily value: 10000%)
  • Folate: 164mcg DFE (folic acid 100mcg) (daily value: 40%)
  • Vitamin B6: 5mg (daily value: 290%)
  • Thiamin: 4.5mg (daily value: 380%)
  • Probiotic (vacillus coagulans): 80mg

Please note that the above nutrition information are related to VitaCup Probiotic Blend Coffee Bags which could be visited at Amazon through

And regarding acidity, this VitaCup coffee is acidic like normal coffees – not less.

Vitamins in VitaCup

An important fact about any vitamins in a daily diet is its right amount which shouldn’t be neglected.

As required by regulations, the producer has listed each vitamin quantities included in a cup, by the product labels. You should look at these labels carefully to see you consume right amount of vitamins – and other ingredients and nutrients – included in the coffee.

There is a standard ‘daily value’ for nutrients and vitamins which body needs. Sometimes, different health conditions – such as pregnant women or obese individuals – could affect these values which you should be aware of – if necessary – through your doctor.

Sometimes consuming a vitamin more than the body needs could have a toxic effect. And sometimes it doesn’t any harm but doesn’t have any benefits either.


So, overall you should be careful about the amounts of vitamins and nutrients your body needs and their quantities contained in each food product – including VitaCup coffees – you use every day.

After that, you could choose your favorite VitaCup coffee blend to enjoy the flavor along with the health benefits it could bring.