Red Bull and coffee are among the most prominent options available among people who are looking forward to enjoy energy drinks. Here we present more about their similarities and differences.

If you are looking forward to consume any, you need to have a clear understanding about the differences that exist between them. Both of them have high caffeine content and they will be able to deliver the benefits that are delivered with caffeine.

However, it is worthy to deep dive and understand what exactly you will be receiving from them at the end of the day. That’s where you can go through this Red Bull vs coffee comparison.

What is Red Bull?

Red Bull is the most popular energy drink brand that you can find out there in the world. It is sold along with the title “Red Bull gives you wings”. The unique silver and blue colored brand associated with Red Bull is instantly recognizable as well.

According to statistical experiments, it has been identified that almost 7 billion cans of Red Bull are being sold out there in the world per year.

That’s why it has the highest market share among other energy drinks available for you to purchase from the market.

What is coffee?

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages that you can find out there in the world as well.

According to statistical records, it has been identified that around 146 billion cups of coffee are being consumed in United States of America per given year.

Coffee has the ability to act as an excellent energy booster. On the other hand, you will be able to see how coffee is linked with the culture of numerous countries out there in the world as well.

Differences between Red Bull and coffee

Now you have a clear understanding about what Red Bull and coffee are. Along with that, you need to take a look at the differences that exist in between them as well.

Caffeine content

On average, coffee is providing you with around 80mg to 200mg of caffeine per cup. It depends from one variation of coffee to another.

When you take a look at Red Bull, you will notice that a can is offering 80mg of caffeine. Hence, it is possible to conclude that Red Bull is offering a weak concentration of caffeine to the people when compared to coffee.

Taurine content

Apart from caffeine, taurine is the other most prominent ingredient that you can find in Red Bull and caffeine.

Taurine is a stimulant, which is occurring naturally. You will be able to find taurine delivering antioxidant benefits to people. On the other hand, it can contribute a lot towards your cardiovascular function as well. The amount of taurine offered to you with caffeine is high when compared to Red Bull.

In fact, you will only be able to find a weak concentration of taurine inside Red Bull.


Most of the people prefer to go ahead and add sugar into coffee as well. However, a can of Red Bull will be offering around 27g of sugar.

The amount of sugar in coffee will vary because you are adding it. However, you will have to add around 6 teaspoons of sugar into your cup of coffee in order to end up with receiving the amount of sugar that is given out by Red Bull.

If you are concerned about your sugar intake, you should not be consuming Red Bull.

That’s because you don’t have the ability to take control over sugar content and Red Bull is offering unhealthy sugar content to your body. Hence, you need to be mindful about it.


Comparing the amount of calories present in Red Bull can be tricky as well. In case if you are comparing the undiluted options of these two beverages, it is possible to say that Red Bull is offering a high volume of calories.

However, sugar, milk and flavor pumps that you add into your cup of coffee will be able to increase the total amount of calories that you are taking in. You need to be mindful about this factor.


It is possible for you to discover some antioxidant properties being delivered by Red Bull. However, you will be able to find the most amount of antioxidants by coffee.

You will be able to see how people in America are enjoying the benefits delivered to them through antioxidants. For example, it can reduce the risk associated with getting Alzheimer’s disease and type 2 diabetes.


Upon considering the two beverages, you will now figure out that coffee is the best option available to consider. However, you should never ignore Red Bull as well. It is possible for you to drink Red Bull once in a while and get the boost in energy offered.